Natural interactivity

natural interactivity

Welcome to "natural interactivity"! pic of natural interactions Humans communicate with each other using natural skills of speaking, gesturing, glancing, walking around. We communicate in a wide variety of environments, casually initiating an interaction that may be as brief as a few seconds or may be hours long. We share a context: an understanding of the environment and the task at hand, the participants and the issues and objects to be dealt with. We interact through conversation, building up a shared context with each exchange, question, puzzled glance, wide-eyed exclamation.

Our goal is to design computers and information systems that understand these natural interactions. Our interfaces allow human users to interact naturally with information using skills that they use to interact with each other. The overall information experience must enhance the humans' abilities to communicate, examine, and express, while allowing them to interact naturally with each other.

See our DreamSpace -- an example of an information system based on natural interactivity.

last update: 1999 Apr
Mark Lucente

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